Biomedical Waste Management, SSPHPGTI, Sector 30, Noida

ALL BIOMEDICAL WASTE generated in the Hospital is being managed as per. Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 (amendment 2018) as follows:

Segregation and Collection: All Bio medical Waste is segregated at source in colour coded bags in bins / boxes as per categories:

Categories of Biomedical Waste according to color      

Yellow: in yellow bins lined with yellow biodegradable bags for all infected non plastic, non sharp, soiled incinerable waste – Human & Animal Anatomical waste, Soiled Waste, Expired or Discarded Medicines, Discarded Blood Bags, Chemical including liquid Waste, Discarded contaminated linen & Microbiology, Biotechnology and other clinical laboratory waste
Yellow Bag with Cytotoxic Label for all cytotoxic waste

Red: in red bins lined by red biodegradable bags for all recyclable plastic/rubber infected waste – Disposable plastic bags, tubings, syringes, gloves e.t.c.

White: in Translucent, Puncture Proof, Leak Proof Containers : All Waste sharps including used needles, Metal sharps and implants

Blue: Puncture proof, Leak Proof Boxes/ Containers: Glassware- for all infected / broken/ discarded Glass including empty medicine glass vials

Transport and Disposal: All Intramural Transport is done using coloured covered trolleys ansd stored in a temporary storage site from where all waste is picked up daily by transport vehicle of Authorized Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment facility Operator (M/s Synergy Waste Management (P) Ltd.,UP,India) for final disposal as per rules.

Authorization and Annual Return: Authorization for handling Bio Medical Waste has been obtained and annual return is sent every year to Regional Office, Noida, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board.

Biomedical Waste Management Committee and Trainings: As per rules a Biomedical Waste Management Committee has been constituted for the institute which conducts regular meetings to decide on management related issues. Regular trainings for all levels of hospital staff are taken by Bio Medical Waste Management Team. Including a special CME on BMW for all employees of the institute on occasion of Swacch Bharat Day on 03.10.2018