The department of Ophthalmology at Superspeciality Paediatric hospital and Postgraduate teaching institute, Noida has Dr. Vikrant Sharma ( Associate Professor and HOD) and Dr. Divya Jain (Assistant Professor) as faculty.

The department caters to the diverse Paediatric ophthalmic conditions namely refractive error correction, amblyopia, cataract, glaucoma, squint, neuro-ophthalmic disorders, lid disorders, anterior segment diseases like conjunctivitis, red eye, allergic ocular conditions, foreign body in eye, congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction, retinal lasers to name a few. In premature babies screening for retinopathy (ROP) is also offered.

Name of the Faculty

Dr Vikrant Sharma

Designation: Additional Professor
Qualification: MS
Special interest: Squint and Neuro Ophthalmology, Cataract and anterior segment, Medical retina, Lasik

Dr Divya Jain

Designation: Associate Professor-cum/or Senior Consultant
Qualification: MS, DNB, FAICO(Glaucoma), FICO, MNAMS
Special interest: Glaucoma, Cataract and anterior segment, Medical Retina

Patient Services

General OPD

Refraction, Amblyopia therapy, Cataract surgery and other Anterior segment disorders, retinal lasers, Visual field evaluation, Intraocular pressure evaluation by contact and non contact methods, Keratometry and ocular axial length evaluation, IOL power calculation

Special OPD

Squint and neurophthalmology clinic – Monday 2-4 pm
ROP clinic – Tuesday 2-4 pm
Cornea clinic – Wednesday 2-4 pm
Glaucoma – Thursday 2-4 pm
ROP clinic – Friday 2-4 pm

Courses/Training Offered

Future plan to start D-Optom and B-Optom courses

Educative Material (downloads)

Under Process

Academic Activities

Research Project

The pattern of Paediatric ophthalmic diseases in a Paediatric hospital in its formative years-a hospital based study. Dr. Divya Jain (PI), Dr. Vikrant Sharma (Co PI)


  1. Singh K, Jain D. Refractive errors in children. In: Piyush gupta PG Text book of Paediatrics 2nd ed. Jaypee Publishers. 2017:47.39.( Book Chapter)
  2. Jain D. Primary Lens Extraction in Angle Closure Glaucoma-Is It Effective? J Ophthalmol Vision 2018; 1(1): 1- 04.(Editorial article)
  3. Jain D, Arunan MS, Vedachalam A. Anterior segment involvement in Antipsychotics – An unusual presentation. Delhi journal of ophthalmology (DJO) 2018:29:68-69.
  4. Jain D, Bandyopadhyay T, Tomar V, Sharma V, Rai R et al. Ankyloblephron filiform adnatum. Nepal J Ophthalmol 2019; Vol 11 (21): 102-104


2016: External examiner-Santosh medical college – Dr. Vikrant Sharma
2017: External examiner-Santosh medical college – Dr. Vikrant Sharma
2018: External examiner-Santosh medical college – Dr. Vikrant Sharma
External examiner-LLRM Medical college, Meerut – Dr. Vikrant Sharma
2019: External examiner-LLRM Medical college, Meerut- Dr. Vikrant Sharma


MNAMS – Acquired Membership of national academy of medical sciences – Dr. Divya jain

Faculty on editorial board/reviewer of journals


Delhi journal of Ophthalmology – Dr. Divya Jain
Nepalese journal of Ophthalmology – Dr. Divya Jain


Journal of ophthalmology and vision – Dr. Divya Jain

Teaching /Training activities

Interdepartmental academic meet in SSPH & PGTI, Noida
Teaching /training of optometrists in the department

Future Plans

The department aspires to offer world class ophthalmic facilities (OPD, IPD, minor and major operations) for patients. Eye bank set up and Autologous serum therapy for various corneal disorders is being planned in future.

Departmental Gallery