Super speciality paediatric hospital and post graduate teaching institute is one of few dedicated and fastest growing all children hospital, with Paediatric gastroenterology as one of the important departments of the hospital.

Department has faculty specialized in different aspects of gastroenterology including endoscopic services. The department aims to provide comprehensive gastroenterology services to the patients up to 18 years of age. Faculty has participated in various national and international academic and research activity.

Name of the Faculty

Dr. Vikas Jain

Designation: Associate Professor-cum/or Senior Consultant
Qualifications: M.D, DM, PDCC. (Paediatric Gastroenterology)

Dr. Umesh Shukla

Designation: Associate Professor-cum/or Senior Consultant
Qualifications: M.D, PDCC (Paediatric Gastroenterology),

Patient Services

At present the department is having 22 beds functional, with 6 beds intensive care and high dependency unit

Department is running daily OPD services.

Department has started endoscopy services since March 2017. Various endoscopy services include upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, variceal band ligation, sclerotherapy, polypectomy, foreign body removal, esophageal stricture dilatation, PEG tube insertion etc.

Department has started various dedicated speciality clinics in field of Celiac disease, reflux disorders, luminal disease etc.

Courses/ Training offered

Under process

Educative Material

Under process


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Future Plans

  • To start ERCP facility and various GI investigatory procedures including esophageal and anorectalmanometry, sweat chloride, 24-hour pH metry will be started.
  • The department is planning to introduce various teaching courses.
  • We also look forward to promote high quality research in order to improve the management of children in field of Gastroenterology.