The Department of Radiodiagnosis SSPH&PGTI was started in December 2015 with one Professor. Expansion of the Department with additional faculty members and technical staff will be done in near future with the proposal of development in various diagnostic and interventional radiology. Advanced equipments with advanced techniques in Digital radiography and digital fluoroscopy, Portable radiography, high end Ultrasound with Color Doppler with elastography, CT, MRI and Various interventional equipments will be installed in near future to provide efficient care to the patients. Each section is planned to be headed by radiologist with expertise and experience in their respective fields of diagnosis for effective patient care, research and medical education. The department provides round the clock services (24X7) since 2016. Presently, the computed Radiography system of X-Ray and ultrasonography with color Doppler facilities are available. Further the junior faculty with senior residents will be joining the department soon. Now, the department provides services to OPD,IPD, Emergency, ICU and OT patients.

The post doctoral certificate course in Radiology will be started soon & next fellowships in Radiology will be added in near future.

The Department has museum which will be made complete Digitized museum in near future.


To project the department as a upcoming leading innovator in the field of diagnostic service, research and medical education.

To develop the department of Radio diagnosis with state of the art modalities of each section.

Name of the Faculty

Dr. Sangeeta Tripathy.

Designation:– Professor and HOD
Qualification:– MD Radio Diagnosis.
Special Interest:– Noninvasive Radiodiagnostic Studies and Paediatric Radiology.

Patient Services

Computed Radiography and Ultrasonography with color Doppler

Courses/ Training offered

Diploma in Radiography and certificate course in- Radiography with B.Sc in CT/MRI will be introduced in due course.

Research Projects

Ultrasonography of PCOS in adolescent girls attending SSPH&PGTI, OPDs


  • Book chapter:- Chapter 62, ultrasound, Doppler, MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray in obstetrics in ‘Test book of obstetrics’, 2nd edition edited by sudha salhan-2016.
  • Ectrodactely with Fibular aplasia & inguinal hernia: A rare entity. Vol.114, No-12, Dec 2017, ISSN003-5998.
  • MCDK on left in clinically Edward syndrome. Vol.115, No-1, Jan2018, ISSN.0003-5998.
  • Mesenchymal hamartoma of liver. Presentation at SGPGIMS, Lucknow

Future Plans

  • To provide the facility for digital radiography for radiography of various body parts with advanced software like stitching of the whole spine etc.
  • To establish portable DR system for critically ill patients in ICU, emergency and general wards.
  • Set up the digital fluoroscopy for various procedures i.e. IVP, MCU, Barium Studies, fistulogram etc.
  • Provide the high end ultrasound with color Doppler facilities to the patients with advanced sonography technique including contrast imaging and elastography fusion imaging.
  • Provide with the facility of portable ultrasound with color Doppler for ICU, Emergency and ward patients.
  • To set up a high end CT scan machine with biopsy attachment and CT angiography.
  • To establish an advanced MRI machine with MR angiography, diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging, tractography and functional MRI.
  • Set up the interventional radiology section with DSA for various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like PCN, PTBD etc and various neuroradilogical interventional procedures.
  • To start various Paediatric research activities by getting projects in near future.
  • Various high quality publications by faculty in near future.