वेक्टर जनित एवं संचारी रोग – +91 70650 22480
Helpline number for vector borne diseases: +911202451133
The institute have completed administration of 50,000 doses COVID vaccination till 31st August, 2021
COVID Helpline numbers (24×7) : 01202451144, 01202458000, 01202451133; Covid Help Desk- +917065022480, Ground floor Emergency- 01202458000; Noida covid control room – 18004192211 (Central Covid command and control room in Sec 59, under District administration)
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Postgraduate Institute of Child Health

The Postgraduate Institute of Child Health was established as a premier paediatric Institute by the Govt. of UP., with the mandate to offer high quality pediatric patient care, postgraduate teaching and Research in various disciplines of pediatric medicine and surgery. The Institute is located in sector-30, Noida at a prime location at the corner of Maharaja Aggarsen Road and Nithari Road. The Hospital is built on a signature building constructed by Noida authority as a prestigious project of Govt. of U.P. The complex includes nine towers housing the Hospital and Residential (about 600 units) buildings. The five floor Hospital buildings are modern, centrally air conditioned, quite specious and with wide corridors.

The administrative Block houses the offices of the Director, Dean, Sub Dean, Executive Registrar, Chief Medical Superintendent, Medical Superintendent and the Deputy Medical Superintendent, Finance Officer, Chief Nursing Superintendent, Administrative Officers, Board Room and the Conference Room.

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